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This also applies to Pentatone, Ondine, New Amsterdam, and all labels distributed by Naxos. 2) Classical composer/artist names have been normalised. I counted 284 different spellings ofPyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and 23 names ofChoir of King’s College, Cambridge. Thousands of duplicate classical artist pages have been merged.

  • It doesn’t get much better than that, unless you’re in the booth when they’re recording.
  • By not quite doing that, Qobuz prevents itself from being your only music-streaming source, and you will needSpotifyor Apple Music to plug the gaps.
  • Of course, we won’t be happy until every track is available in Masters quality on every device, but there’s no doubt Tidal is already ahead of the pack here.
  • The next thing for you to do is to identify a trustworthy company that will help you get quality plays on Tidal but will also monitor your progress and give decent feedback.
  • One way to improve the experience across all the interfaces is to create a playlist, which you then set to offline.

Its library spans all genres, including jazz and classical. Qobuz, a self-proclaimed platform for ‘true music connoisseurs,’ chose to roll out its service stateside on Valentine’s Day. The Paris-based high-fidelity streaming music platform has previously remained a European-only service. A brand new streaming music service has launched in the United States. With CDs on the way out, our brave new streaming world has proved not so hot for classical, jazz, world music and many other tributaries outside the commercial mainstream.

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Again, you’ll need to set up your preferences for streaming and download quality, just so you’re always listening in Ultra HD or HD where possible. But now the shopping and tech giant has decided to go one step further, taking on the likes of Tidal and Qobuz with its own CD-quality and high-res music streaming service. It’s called Amazon Music HD, and it’s a serious contender. The media industry today is characterized by so-called „destination” and „ecosystem” media. The former are content destinations for consumers, while the latter use content as a strategic asset in a bigger portfolio of products and services.

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