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The voice Google Maps uses the next time you perform a search for directions will match the voice you’ve selected. The “Navigation Settings” menu allows you to change how hands-free navigation is played to you. To change the voice settings for the Google Maps app, select the “Voice Selection” option.

MapQuest has had a long and storied history, but now it finds itself trying to compete in the mobile market. MapQuest, a free download, offers turn-by-turn voice navigation for both walking and driving. Users also get estimated arrival times and information on a particular road’s speed limit. MapQuest includes support for Uber and car2go, for those who want to book a ride through the app. iPhone and iPad users have, in addition to Apple Maps, a number of fine mapping apps from which to choose. Here are 10 of the best navigation tools for your iOS device.

Top 4 Ways To Fix Iphone Maps Voice Not Working

I would like to use the map offline if possible but just don’t know how …. Question… How do I download part or all of your map for offline use. Great map, by the way… is there a way to add a layer for road crossings? Not every road crossing has a parking lot, but it would be nice to know where roads intersect to help plan for contingencies on a section hike. Finally, a map that has usable tools, information, and interactivity.

  • With 4G LTE coverage, Download T map APK for Android you can do everything you love to do on your phone, faster.
  • Little Rock will certainly provide big opportunities for Uber drivers.
  • This basically means that if you have a smartphone , and you’re stranded, you can simply open a navigation app on your phone to reach your destination safely, devoid of any unnecessary detours.
  • Disney obviously intends—and Uber usually directs—drivers to pick you up in the front of the hotel where all other drop-offs are made.
  • With speed camera support and offline maps, it is a great map solution for anyone in areas where a data connection is not reliable enough to download your journey’s map tiles.
  • Geolocation is indeed the most important technology in Uber’s technology stack.
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It helps that the young population here has no problem spending money on rideshares plus most of the students don’t have cars. Trips across the city are usually free of traffic and Uber drivers here spend a lot of time going from one end of the city to another, thus resulting in longer rides and larger fairs. Regular taxis can officially only be hired from a taxi stand or ordered by phone, but very few of the operators speak English and they have a tendency to hang up on callers if they don’t understand them. And of course Rome taxis do not have a good reputation for honesty at the best of times.

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Janaury 2018 saw the sale of $9.3 billion of Uber stock to a SoftBank-led consortium. So far we’ve only discussed the main revenue generating parts of the business. Here we can see how the true cost of other business areas, such as R&D and the ATG . Uber Eats’ revenue contribution looks considerably less impressive when we look at net. Here it accounts for 10%, while rides accounts for 85% (compared to 69% of gross bookings). Casting our eyes back, CNBC reported that Uber’s take rate – the cut it takes from every ride – slipped down in Q4 2018, affecting the proportion of gross bookings that becomes net Uber revenue.

Uber drivers on the internet have said that they earn an average of $8 to $13 an hour. In big cities such as Chicago and New York, that number doubles to about $16 to $25 an hour. Read our guide about the different types of rides offered by Uber, so you know which type of ride is the best to call for the next time you need to catch one home with your mates. It all sounds flexible, and you earn as much as the amount of time and effort you put in. However, there lie several hidden costs that could negatively affect a driver’s income without them realizing. Regular drivers earn a base fare plus per-minute and per-mile rates, which varies by city.